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Answer Three Questions to Get More Time

By July 18, 2018EOS

I commonly hear business leaders say they are too busy.  They don’t have enough time to do anything but put out fires or just keep up with the day to day tasks.  If this sounds like you, maybe the problem is with your structure.

The video below, by Rocket Fuel author and fellow EOS implementer Mark C. Winters, discusses how the root of many of our business issues might be in our structure.  In the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) we refer to the structure as the Accountability Chart.

In this video, he emphasizes 3 key questions to which you must open and honestly be able to answer with a “YES”.  They are as follows:

1. Do you have the right structure?

As a leadership team you must take a step back and ask yourselves if you have the right structure for the level of business you are managing.  If not, you may be set up to fail.

2. Do you have the “Right People in the Right Seats”?

If the structure is right but you are having issues getting everything done, maybe someone isn’t in the right seat or the seat is too big for them.  Again, be open and honest.

3. Does everyone have enough time to do their job?

If not, you need to go back and reassess your answers to the first 2 questions.

If any of your answers are “No”, don’t despair. We can make a roadmap to get you there with open, honest and objective views. For example,

  • If everyone is in the Right Seat and you still don’t have time, you may not be structured right. Maybe a seat is too big and the structure is the problem. We will work to break that seat down until the structure works.
  • If you are truly structured right, but you still don’t have time, then maybe you really don’t have everyone in the Right Seat. We will work to see where changes could be made.

If you want to learn more about solving real problems and building healthy organizations (or know someone who does), let me know.  I’ll show you how the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS)® can change your life.

If you are not ready to talk just yet, I encourage you to take a free organizational assessment.  It’s only 20 questions.  If you are open and honest, it will give you an idea of how well your business executes against the best.