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Becoming a healthier organization

By October 24, 2018EOS

One of the more rewarding things I get to experience in working with companies is helping them get healthy (or healthier).

Healthy means:  being a cohesive organization where everyone fits the culture and is focused on achieving the vision without any politics or personal agendas.
Healthy means:  creating a place where people can openly disagree about a business issue and challenge each other without fear of personal attacks.

Becoming Healthy is usually an evolutionary process rather than a single event. It requires progressive thinking.

Why? Because it is about the people and people issues take guts, time, and energy to solve.

It takes time to evolve.  My clients share a few common reasons why:

  • We haven’t taken the time to actually identify what our core values are that define our culture.
  • We’ve made up a list of core values that are aspirational but they really aren’t us.
  • We’ve identified our core values but haven’t done anything to make them real or hold everyone accountable to them.
  • We have a high producing employee that doesn’t live our core values and we aren’t willing to address it for fear they will leave.
  • We haven’t instilled trust into our organization therefore people resist opening up.

Here’s a short video by Gino Wickman, EOS Worldwide founder and author of Traction explaining how to build company culture by perpetuating core values:

Here is a testimonial from a current client:

“We have had the pleasure to be working with Mike Roth in implementing EOS in our organization for the past three years. Mike is a very effective facilitator and communicator- with a wealth of management, finance, operations, and accounting experience.
Working with Mike has given us the tools to better focus, to solve issues in our business, and to realize real growth.
Now more than ever we have a cohesive Team, all in harmony working on common goals, and living out articulated core values every day.”
Dick Bitzan, CEO of  D. J. Bitzan Jewelers

If any of this resonates with you, contact me and I will show you how I help companies become healthy.