Mike Roth Traction Consulting

“Spend your (life) time wisely.”

I’m an entrepreneur – zealous in the pursuit of business success and a better life for small to medium-sized companies and their owners. I created Mike Roth Traction Consulting to help entrepreneurial companies build a simple, workable structure and operational procedures upon which to hang their dreams and ultimately, realize them. I now find my teaching, facilitating, and coaching as a Certified Implementer™ of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) rewarding and exciting, and an enhancement to my skill set. The simple concepts, clear language, and systematic approach of EOS® synthesize all I’ve practiced throughout my 30-year career. It is my pleasure to help businesses of 10 to 250 people, with revenues between $2 and $50 million, reach their full potential.

Mike Roth Traction Consulting (formerly Reventus, LLC) provides management consultation and coaching, and brokers independent professional resources to small-and-medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to help your business grow and profit, and help you find personal fulfillment as a business owner.

We take a comprehensive look at the operation to discover impediments to your success. Then, we offer you clearly articulated and understandable people, process, and planning solutions arrived at through the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. We use proven principles and real-world tools to help your Leadership become healthy, create traction (i.e., get a grip on your business), and share your vision.

1. HEALTHY: a functional, cohesive team
2. TRACTION: more disciplined and accountable, executing consistently to achieve . . .
on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis
3. VISION: team members 100% focused and committed to the organizational vision

Plus, we find your allies, independent contractors from our network, professionals who can lend their expertise to your organization on an “as-needed” basis to fill any gaps in your team. They appreciate small businesses’ value and vision and are eager to contribute to your success.

• Strategizing for growth or to maximize a sale
• Organizational assessment, includes Human Resources, Technology, Insurance
• Strategic plan development
• Financial forecasting and mapping
• Strategic consulting – business plan, marketing plan, sales strategy
• Execution to produce the results you want

Leadership development, Business leadership Management, Leadership Team Training, Small Business Consulting, Strategic planning, Resolving Issues, Defining Vision