Four Truths about Process

By September 25, 2018EOS

Process is usually the weakest component in a business.  Let’s face it, nobody sees documenting processes as “sexy” or “fun”.  It’s seen as a huge undertaking that nobody wants to prioritize.  Here are a few things to consider about process.

Typically there are 3 manuals in every business.

  1. The HR Manual – focused on policy.
  2. The Training Manual(s) – focused on “how” to do specific tasks.
  3. The Process Manual – focused on “what”!

Four Truths about Process

  1. You love process more than you know. As business leaders you all have the innate ability to repeat what works and throw out what doesn’t.
  2. You must have discipline to instill process. The irony is most business leaders complain about process but are not willing to spend 15 minutes a day to document and improve them.
  3. Process need not destroy agility. A common pushback is the argument that process will make us too rigid and bureaucratic.
    1. The fact is the EOS® way of documenting your Core Processes enhances your agility.  The L10 meeting, for example, is a process designed to make a leadership team agile and address the most important issues every week in a timely manner.
    2. The goal when documenting your processes is to “Systemize the predictable and Humanize the rest”.
  4. “Kind of” will kill you. When asked about having processes, teams often say “Kind of”. This means there are general ideas in everybody’s head but rarely are they all the same.


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