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January is almost over. Is your team clear on the plan?

By January 25, 2019EOS

One of the biggest problems facing business owners is getting the team on the same page with the plan. The paradox here is that this often happens because we failed to either draft a plan, or communicate it, or both.

A plan without execution is hallucination.

Many of us have a plan in our heads but we never really clarify and share it.  Why is that?

  • Some of us are unwilling to commit.
    • If we write it down and share it, we’ll have to follow through.
    • If we share it and then change our mind, we’ll have to explain ourselves.
  • It’s human nature to keep it vague and mold it as we go. You will always achieve your goal if you allow yourself to change it right up to the end.
  • Making a plan can be hard work.  It requires us to think hard, and as Jim Collins says, we have to confront the brutal facts about our business and solve our issues.

Don’t let your plan be a “wish”. 

Nine years ago, I found a better way to create an execution focused plan and run a business without creating unnecessary bureaucracy.  Here’s a short video about how to create a clear vision/plan.

“Show up and hope” is not a plan.

If any of this resonates with you, contact me and I will show you how The Entrepreneurial Operating System can help you develop a plan AND EXECUTE IT!