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The Power of a People Move

By October 17, 2013EOS, Kolbe

Almost two years ago, Gino Wickman wrote a blog about making one people move to make your business better. I recently met with one of my clients that did just that.

After our 3rd session, the owners and I talked about concerns with one of the leadership team members not being a “Right Person” for the company. This individual sat in the operations seat and was responsible for production. As it turns out, they decided to remove this person from the team at what many would think is the worst possible time (at the beginning of their biggest month of the year).

What happened next is a lesson for all of us who procrastinate or have fear about leaving a hole even when there is a bad fit.

  • They sat down with the team and explained why the move happened, what the challenge was ahead of them, and asked for the team’s help.
  • The team thanked them for making the move and stepped up to the delivery challenge now that an obstacle was removed.

The bottom line is that everyone knows the elephant in the room. When we deal with it, we earn everyone’s respect and the good people rise to the challenge.

If you care to read on, Gino’s original blog is here:

Do you realize you’re one great “people-move” away from eliminating your biggest frustration?

One of the biggest impacts I see with my clients is when they make a great “people-move.” The problem is that if you’re normal, you won’t do it. Why? Maybe fear, longevity, or loyalty. I know it’s scary, but aren’t all great moves? That’s why I’m suggesting just one move. Just choose one. I’ve had clients look at their next tier of mid-managers and realize that they need to replace half. That’s daunting, and I’ve seen it on many occasions. To keep it simple, it’s just a matter of making one great move at a time.

For example, one client finally got an Integrator, and profits and revenue went up 20 percent per year. Another moved their sales manager to their property manager position (a very rare move), and it was one of their best moves. And yet another replaced their long-time warehouse manager with a superstar operations person and took the company to the next level.

Look at where you’re at capacity or where work isn’t getting done the way you’d like. Look at where your biggest problem is, where you’re seeing mediocre results, or where you’re most frustrated. Remember, always look at structure first, people second. Please make sure that the structure of your organization is right to get you to where you want to go. This will clarify all of the seats.

I’m calling on you in the next 90 days to choose one great “people-move” and do it. Pick one of the four from below:

  1. Make a key hire.
  2. Reshuffle the deck.
  3. Have a brutally honest, tough, heartfelt, last-chance talk with an employee with whom you’ve had enough (but mean it!).
  4. Fire someone that you’ve been procrastinating about dealing with—your people will thank you for it.

Please send me your success stories, questions, or concerns.